Nkonkobe Animal Care


 Petro Heunis  founded Nkonkobe Animal Care three years ago. 
Here is a brief description of what the organisation does for the
welfare of the animals in the area, including Hogsback.

Nkonkobe Animal Care 
Petro is currently feeding 63 dogs, including the 25 dogs she keeps at her Nkonkobe Animal Care grounds on which she has erected big enclosures enabling the animals to run around. Most of these dogs have been sterilized or are in the process of being sterilised. Almost all of these dogs are from abused backgrounds such as plain neglect or having been burnt with cigarettes, diesel oil. Whilst feeding the dogs in Fort Beaufort, she noticed  the chickens running after the bakkie when they heard it coming. She has now started feeding the chickens who no longer run after the bakkie but fly after it! This is apart from all the cats which are being fed. We recently purchased cat traps from Port Elizabeth and are in the process of attempting to catch the feral cats for sterilisation.

There are many sick animals whom Petro, with the support of our local vet, Carl Kritzinger, has rescued. Mange remains a big problem in the area, the cause of which is malnutrition.

I think it is reassuring to know that if we have an emergency and the vet is not available that Petro is available to help us.

Should anyone wish to put a stop order against their accounts towards this worthy cause (it does not matter how small the amount is - it all counts), Nkonkobe Animal Care's banking details are as follows:

Account Holder: Nkonkobe Animal Care
Bank: FNB
Branch: Fort Beaufort
Branch Code: 210419
Account No. 621 068 70993

Future projects, excluding the ongoing daily work, include the extension of the kennels in Fort Beaufort so that they can possibly become commercially viable by taking in paying customers' pets who require their pets cared for whilst they are away. There is a major problem in Alice with dogs and cats breeding out of control which needs to be tackled.

Contact Nonkie Barnes for more information: tel: 0459621057

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